Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Artist

February 2009 | BY | April 2009, Issue 66

Jeffery Lloyd Dever, “Ephemeral Muse”. Photo credit: Gregory R. Staley

Each of Jeffrey Lloyd Dever’s works begins with a series of sketches that allow him to conceptualize an idea or follow a train of thought to a natural end. As a practicing graphic designer, he taught illustration and design at the college level and has been receiving recognition for his polymer clay work for nearly a decade.

His work, while reminiscent of naturally occurring flora and fauna, does not attempt to replicate the objects, but only to “enter the dialogue,” Dever says. “All of my works, whether baskets, vessels or jewelry, are miniature sculptural studies. The fact that they are functional at all is almost incidental to the poetic qualities I seek.” The Laurel, Md., artist creates his work layer by layer, adding hollowware sections over reinforced armatures. This painstaking process can encompass 30 cycles and take weeks to complete.

Dever’s work is carried by del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles and Function + Art in Chicago. He will be teaching a class on his signature technique in April at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

To learn more about polymer clay, including its origins and techniques, and to see work from a range of artists, visit Artist and curator Elise Winters developed the site as an essential resource for the study of polymer clay.

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