Sukyo Jang – Artist

November 2010 | BY | Issue 74, Winter 2010-2011

Sukyo Jang’s “Trail of Wind” necklace incorporates silver, gold-plated brass, ebony wood and hematite.

While working for an interior design company in South Korea, Sukyo Jang discovered jewelry design and fell in love. She decided to move to the United States in 2007 to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “I wanted to study jewelry in New York, where you can find artistic and creative things in every corner of the city,” she says.

Although Jang lives in the big city, her current work is inspired by the desert. Different materials represent the desert’s dramatic change from day to night—silver expresses the clear sunshine of day, while freshwater pearl stars twinkle in a sky of ebony wood to represent the night. Her abstract forms are bold, but feminine. Jang designs each piece from start to finish, including wax and wood carving, polishing after metal casting, and the final detail work.

Jang’s use of exotic woods alongside fine metals and precious stones helps set her work apart. “I’m developing a strong interest in wood, and this will give my future projects a bolder sculptural form,” she says. “Being an artist allows me to bring the beautiful shapes and forms I see in my mind to life.”

Jang’s work is available at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Mass. Her jewelry retails for $200 to $3,000.

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