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AmericanStyle is a full-color, quarterly consumer magazine focused on contemporary craft, craft collectors and the artists who create studio craft art. Launched in 1994 by The Rosen Group, AmericanStyle provides art lovers with valuable collecting, interior design and display ideas, focusing on everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics. Those who travel with the arts in mind will find hundreds of art festivals, gallery exhibitions and museum events in the Datebook listings, Datebook Previews and Arts Travel sections.

With every issue, readers explore eclectic lifestyles of artists, elegant homes of craft collectors and features about “the art of creative living.” City Arts Tours and small Arts Walks in AmericanStyle promote awareness of the economic and aesthetic contributions that art and craft bring to our homes and communities. Each year, cities compete to be included in AmericanStyle’s Top 25 Arts Destinations edition.

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The Rosen Group

The Rosen Group provides art business and marketing assistance to thousands of artists throughout the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1981 by Wendy Rosen, the company has grown to be recognized as the producer of the largest wholesale craft tradeshow in the world. The Rosen Group, located in the Mill Centre artist studio complex in Baltimore, Md., employs 30 professional writers, editors, graphic designers, arts administrators and event planners to help artists and retailers learn “the Business of Art and the Art of Business.”

The Buyers Market of American Craft

The Buyers Market of American Craft has been recognized by Tradeshow Week magazine as one of America’s Top 200 Trade Shows. Today the Buyers Market of American Craft features the work of more than 2,000 artists. Produced by The Rosen Group and held twice annually, the wholesale show attracts 10,000 boutique shops and gallery owners, and includes artists who create jewelry, art-to-wear, studio furniture, art glass, ceramics, wood boxes, garden art and sculpture, kaleidoscopes, fine art and prints, lighting and accessories.

Magazine Covers

NICHE: The Show

The Rosen Group’s latest wholesale endeavor, NICHE: The Show offers an exclusive collection of artist-designers presenting fine handcrafted jewelry, glass, ceramics and wood objects to retailers from across the globe. It is held during Jewelry Week in Las Vegas.

NICHE magazine

NICHE magazine, The Rosen Group’s full-color, quarterly trade publication for art and design retailers, features the work of hundreds of artists in each issue, as well as business strategies for independent retailers and art gallery owners. Every year the magazine sponsors The NICHE Awards competition for American craft artists and students.

Books and Publications

In 1994, The Rosen Group president Wendy Rosen authored the bestselling book Crafting as a Business. The book is now in its second edition, with more than 150,000 copies sold. Rosen has also authored a book for hobby craft enthusiasts titled Cash For Your Crafts.

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