Carla Reiter - Berry Sprig Necklace
“Berry Sprig Necklace,” 2010, knitted silver, carnelian, diamonds.

Carla Reiter


Carla Reiter doesn’t use yarn to make her complex jewelry—she knits silver, copper and gold. A trained sculptor, Reiter opened her jewelry studio in 1997, after stints as a journalist, museum curator and nightclub singer. Using her sculpting background, she creates every piece with a woman’s body in mind. “Someone once said to me that my jewelry only ‘wakes up’ when you put it on,” explains Reiter. “That seems right to me.”


American Craft Council Show, Baltimore — Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Md., Feb. 25-28, 2010

Trunk Show — June Blaker, Chicago, Ill., Sept. 23, 2010


June Blaker
870 N. Orleans St.
Chicago, Ill.

Patina Gallery
131 W. Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, N.M.

1111 N. Crescent Heights Blvd.
West Hollywood, Calif.

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